Macau, China

Macau is one of two special administrative regions of China. 

Macau China is a very popular tourist attraction that includes shrines, temples, Chinese gardens, churches, forts, statues and the most famous the Ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral.

About Macau, China

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Chinese (Cantonese), Portuguese
28.6 km²
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National Olympic Committee

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Sports and Olympic Committee of Macau China
NOC President
Recognition Year
Rotunda da Taipa, R/C Academia de Tenis E C de Bowling, R/C Taipa, Macau


The mixing of the Chinese and Portuguese cultures and religious traditions for more than four centuries has left Macau with an inimitable collection of holidays, festivals and events.

This mix is also evident in the remarkable architecture, economic activities, and demography.

The biggest event of the year is the Macau Grand Prix bearing similarities with the Monaco Grand Prix and The Lunar Chinese New Year is the most important traditional festival and Macau's gambling houses are famous across Asia. Macau preserves many historical properties in the urban area.

The Historic Centre of Macau, which includes some twenty-five historic monuments and public squares is officially listed as a World Heritage Site.

Local cooking in Macau consists of a blend of Cantonese and Portuguese cuisines.

Many unique dishes resulted from the spice blends used. Influences include those from Europe, South America, Africa, India, Southeast Asia and China.


A wide variety of sports are played in Macau, these include football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, table tennis, and badminton.

Other major sporting events are the Grand prix, golf open and marathon. Macau hosted the Asian Indoor Games in 2007, Macau has a National Olympic Committee, although it is not a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), so cannot compete at the Olympics they can compete in the Asian Games as they have been a member of the OCA since 1989.


Macau has a humid subtropical climate and has a generally flat terrain. The climate is greatly influenced by the seasons and the monsoons.

This means that there is a significant difference in temperature in winter and summer months.

The average annual temperature of Macau is 22.3 °C (72.1 °F). Macau is situated on the coastal region of China and has ample rainfall, with average annual precipitation of 80 inches.

Unusually winter is mostly dry due to the monsoon from mainland China.

In summer the climate is hot and humid with rain and occasional typhoons.

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