The Olympic Council Of Asia (OCA) is an independent non-governmental no-for-profit international Asian sport organization for unlimited duration recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Association of National Olympic Committee (ANOC) and the 45 member Asian National Olympic Committee (NOCs).


The First ever Multisport Games in Asia were organized in the year 1913, in Manila, Philippines known as 'Oriental Games'. 1917 in shanghai China; the name was changed from 'Oriental Games ' to 'Far Eastern Championship Games'. These games continued until 1938.Meanwhile in the other parts of Asia, 'West Asian Games' were conducted from 1934 to 1938. The first 'West Asian Games ' were organized in New Delhi, India in the year 1934.

Due to the 2nd World War, in 1938 all Asian Games were cancelled such as 1938 'Jerusalem Palestine 2nd West Asian Games' and the ' Osaka 11th Far Eastern Games'. During the Summer Olympics London in 1948, the Asian NOC s Presidents decided to unify all the games in Asia (the Far Eastern Games and the West Asian Games) into one Game called the Asian Games for all the NOC s in Asia. The Asian Games Federation was formed in the year 1949 in New Delhi, India. The first unified Asian Games were held in New Delhi, India in 1951.The second Asian Games were held in the year 1954 in Manila, Philippines. From then onwards, the games were organized once in four years.

The First Headquarters of the Far Eastern Championship Games was in Manila in, Philippines in 1913 , and the west Asian Games Headquarter was in New Delhi India in 1934. When the Asian Games Federation was formed in 1949, the Headquarters was established in New Delhi, India.

In 1981, the Sports leaders in Asia decided to change the name of ' Asian Games Federation' to 'Olympic Council of Asia'. In 1982, the Headquarters of Olympic Council of Asia was moved from India to Kuwait.

In 2002, Busan Asian games, for the first time in the history, North Korea and South Korea had a unified delegation march together under the Korean Peninsula flag.

In 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, North Korea and South Korea shared a gold medal, under the Korean Peninsula flag for the first time in the history.

And the journey continues…………..


  1. Be the representative authority with all other recognized bodies authorities responsible for Olympic, Asian and Continental with the Games.
  2. Promote the practice of sport, encourage the construction of physical facilities and improve the standard of performance in the spirit of fair play.
  3. Co-operate with public authorities and private enterprises in the promotion of sport without prejudice to the principles of the Olympic Movement.
  4. Ensure regular celebration of the Asian Games every four (4) years in accordance with the fundamental Principles, Objectives, Rules, Regulations and Byelaws of the OCA.
  5. Oppose any political or commercial abuse of sport and athletes.
  6. Encourage and support the effort of sport organisations and public authorities to provide for the social professional future and health of athletes.
  7. Fight against doping and all sorts of prohibited substances, by adopting a pro-active approach and implementing the World Anti-Doping code.



Acknowledging the danger to sports integrity from the manipulation of sports competitions, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) restate their commitment to safeguarding the integrity of sport, including the protection of clean athletes and competitions as stated in Olympic Agenda 2020.


OCA Anti-Doping Rules and Programs shall be applicable at all Asian Games Series.


The OCA Hymn was adopted during the 15th OCA GA held in Bangkok from on 9th December 1996. The Hymn is an amalgamation of all the sounds and cultures of the Asian Continent to represent their co-operation and unity.


Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) in its continued efforts to promote noble sports and Olympic principles in Asia started a project in collaboration with Olympic Solidarity and Daimler Chrysler at the beginning of 2001, called “Olympasia”.


Sporting Asia is the offcial newsletter of the OCA, published quarterly. Find full coverage of OCA events, NOC news from around the continent, updates on preparations for OCA Games and lots more.


In light the road of Asian Sports academically and practically.General scientific framework that the OCA will collect the major Asian sports difficulties thus invites all participants of the Congress.


The Permanent Headquarters of the Olympic Council Of Asia is in Kuwait.


OCA Standing Committees are created for the purpose of advising the OCA GA, OCA EB or the President as the case may be. The Council will have the following Committees; the Chairmen or Chairpersons will be elected by the GA and the EB will appoint the Members of the Committees: