Sports Committee

The Sports Committee consist of one Chairman and a minimum of five members. The Chairman, nominated by his NOC, will be elected by the GA, while the Members preferably representing the 5 zones of the OCA will be selected by the EB from the Candidates who have been nominated by their respective NOCs.

The Chairman and Members will hold office for a term of four years. The Chairman will be a Member of the EB.

This Committee will be responsible for:

a. to undertake studies and researches and draw up special plans to raise the sports standards in Asia and to prepare sports programmes and courses for the development of coaches, referees, umpires, judges, etc., in Asia; these plans and programme will be submitted to the EB for consideration and decision;

b. to co-ordinate and co-operate, in consultation with the President, with the international and continental sports bodies with the purpose of raising the sports standards in Asia;

c. to follow up innovation in the international sports programmes and courses with the purpose of benefiting from them by coordination and participation in these programmes and courses;

d. to review the working programme for the AG;

e. the meetings of the Sports Committee will be held as decided by the Chairman with the prior approval of the President.


Kuwait City, Kuwait, August 25, 2022: The Olympic Council of Asia Sports Committee held a virtual...