Aichi-Nagoya unveils ‘tiger-fish’ mascot for 2026 Asian Games

Aichi-Nagoya unveils ‘tiger-fish’ mascot for 2026 Asian Games

Nagoya, Japan, June 11, 2024: The organising committee of the 20th Asian Games in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan in 2026 introduced the Games mascot on Tuesday, June 11.


From a shortlist of three mascot characters, the AINAGOC Executive Board approved the final nomination during their meeting on Tuesday.


For the time being, the tiger-fish mascot has no name – but this will be decided in the near future before the mascot joins the promotional campaign for the 20th Asian Games, which will take place from September 19 to October 4, 2026.


“It was born from passion and flame in the hearts of athletes who will gather in Aichi-Nagoya from all over Asia,” AINAGOC said.


“It loves sports, and its mission is to wildly appeal the Asian Games and to bring people together beyond race and culture to ‘IMAGINE ONE ASIA’ through sports and a wish for peace,” the statement added, referring to the official motto of the 20th Asian Games.


Regarding the details of the mascot, AINAGOC said: “Its large eyes are inspired by the powerful gaze of athletes when they compete. It is also characterized by red rims around the eyes. 


“Aichi-Nagoya used to be a place renowned for ‘Kabukimono’ - eccentric Samurai warriors who flourished from the Sengoku period (civil war period) to the Edo period.”


Kabukimono were said to excel in liberal and martial arts and their influence laid the foundations for the cutting-edge industry and technology of today’s Aichi-Nagoya.


“The red rims around the eyes are inspired by Kumadori - a special makeup in Kabuki performance, and symbolizes justice and passion, which is exactly the idea of an international sporting event where athletes strive for their best performance.


“This character is inspired by Shachihoko (Tiger Fish) - a symbol of  Aichi-Nagoya, and the hot flame in the hearts of athletes.”