Kyrgyz Republic NOC hosts course for athletics coaches

Kyrgyz Republic NOC hosts course for athletics coaches

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, March 7, 2023: The National Olympic Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic launched a seminar for athletics coaches in Bishkek on March 6. The course will run until March 16.

The opening ceremony of the level-one course was attended by the NOC Secretary General, Kylychbek Sarbaghyshev, and the Secretary General of the Athletics Federation, Melis Nadyrov.

The NOC Secretary General congratulated the coaches on the launch of the seminar and wished them all good luck in the days ahead.

"Kyrgyzstan athletics has very deep roots,” he said, noting that the course had attracted experienced coaches as well as younger trainers.

“This shows the support for sport in the country. We will support the athletics federation through to the Paris 2024 Olympics with Olympic scholarships for the athletes. There is a real boom in marathon running in Kyrgyzstan. We are proud of the athletics federation,” he added.

In total, 24 coaches from Bishkek and other regions are taking part in the seminar. As part of the programme, mentors participate in theoretical and practical classes.

Participants will study topics such as "Theory and Methodology of Training", "Coach Communication Skills", "Development and Healthy Eating", "Introduction to Biomechanics" and "Introductions to Physiology". In addition, all types of athletics programmes will be studied both in theory and in practice.

The course leaders and official lecturers are Alexander Kruglikov (Kazakhstan) and Timur Toktobayev (Kyrgyzstan).