Kyrgyzstan NOC highlights role of athletes’ commission

Kyrgyzstan NOC highlights role of athletes’ commission

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, January 8, 2023: The National Olympic Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic formed its Athletes’ Commission in May 2022 and is highlighting the key role athletes play in the development of the sports movement.

The commission serves as a link between athletes and the NOC and ensures that the view and opinion of the athlete is heard and considered at decision-making level throughout the Olympic movement in order to shape the future of sport.

In a Facebook post on January 6, the NOC points out that the athletes themselves elected the members of the commission, and that the members were not appointed by the NOC.

The NOC Athletes’ Commission seeks to represent the interests of athletes, as well as to present its suggestions and recommendations to the NOC.

The commission is actively protecting the rights of athletes who comply with the principles of fair play and initiates projects for this.

The five athletes elected to the commission in May 2022 were: Akzhol Makhmudov (chair), Kanykey Kubanychbekova (deputy chair), Maxim Gordeev, Denis Petrashov and Nursultan Keneshbekov. They are all active athletes and have experience in the Olympics.

As chairman, Akzhol Makhmudov is a member of the Executive Committee of the NOC on behalf of the athletes.