Kyrgyzstan NOC sends 18-strong delegation to OCA development programme

Kyrgyzstan NOC sends 18-strong delegation to OCA development programme

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, November 2, 2022: The National Olympic Committee of Kyrgyzstan has announced the list of coaches and referees heading for Tashkent, Uzbekistan to join the Olympic Council of Asia’s development programme.

The OCA will conduct the second stage of the programme for 14 NOCs from Central and South Asia in five sports: judo, weightlifting, swimming, boxing and wrestling. The OCA has invited two referees and two coaches for each sport from the NOCs.

The course will run from November 3-7 and is the second stage of the development programme following the first stage in Kuwait for 12 NOCs from West Asia in nine sports.

At the invitation of the OCA, the NOC of Kyrgyzstan is sending a delegation of 18 coaches and judges for the five sports, with only coaches participating in swimming.

 Coaches and referees list:


1. Ibrahimov E. - coach

2. Sayimova G. - coach

3. Abdurasulov A. - judge

4. Yu of Krakowiec - judge


1. Mainazarov U. - judge

2. Arabbayev I. - judge

3. Taabaldiev A. - coach

4. Miskenbayev T. - coach


1. Janseitov K. - judge

2. Yrysaliyev M. - judge

3. Mamakeev M. - coach

4. Abaev A. - coach


1. Alzhanov M. - judge

2. Gaziev I. - judge

3. Aegeev R. - coach

4. Mirakhimov A. - coach


1. Stupkin A. - coach

2. Slepchenko A. - coach

Source: NOC Kyrgyz Republic