Kyrgyzstan NOC President greets citizens on Independence Day

Kyrgyzstan NOC President greets citizens on Independence Day

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, August 31, 2022: The National Olympic Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic has congratulated the nation on Independence Day – August 31.

“Independence Day is the most important holiday for our young state. It symbolizes our rich history, the unity of a nation and our common desire to make life better around us,” the NOC said in a Facebook post.

“One of the symbols of independence is the state flag - and athletes are one of those who defend the honour of the flag with dignity on the international arena. During the years of independence, our sport experienced a second birth, and recently the results of athletes have increased significantly. 

“Fans watch major tournaments with a deep heart and rejoice together with the successes of their countrymen. Sports have become a powerful unifying force for all of us, and sporting victories are a source of inspiration.”

The NOC message concludes: “Dear Kyrgyzstan citizens. We sincerely wish you good health, family happiness, peace and wellbeing. May every day be filled with joy and bright impressions.”

NOC President Sadyr Mamytov sent his own personal message to the citizens.

“In the 31 years since we gained independence, many different events have happened. We have grown up and experienced, learned to express our opinion,” he wrote. 

“The success of the state depends on every caring citizen. If each of us will believe in our country and do our job honestly, then we will definitely realize our dream and live in a prosperous state.

“Friends, may today's holiday give you energy, creative strength and fresh ideas. And let the love for your native land not fade in you. I wish you health, joy and peaceful sky above your head.” 

Kyrgyzstan gained independence from the Soviet Union on August 31, 1991.